Drop consists of 2 series of limited edition 999 fine silver augmented reality numismatic bullion coins: "Imagination" has 4 unique coins: Enlightenment, Metamorphosis, Galactica, and Blink. Our new series: "Heritage" has two excting new designs, Freedom & Spirit.

Each coin in the series has a limited mintage of 999 silver coins. All coins contain a physical and unique digital certificate of authenticity. The digital certificate of authenticity unlocks two experiences per coin through our free drop the coins app.

Owners of the coin are able to certify their asset by storing their digital certificate of authenticity in their account. All coins are scannable inside their box with any smart phone or tablet to reveal a special augmented reality experience. Scanning the front of each imagination series coin box tells a unique story.

When asset holders scan the back of each coin box another experience unfolds concluded by reveling the current spot price of silver in addition to the last 30 days of price action.


Imagine morphing to a new form.

Transcend the limits of the physical word to reach new possibilities. Undergo a metamorphosis of the mind to unlock the impossible.


Imagine reaching enlightenment.

Open a portal that fuses reality with the meta-world. Journey to a state of enlightenment and unlimited possibilities.


Travel through space without leaving earth.

Embark on an interactive journey through space. Interact with the universe to gain a better understanding of our galaxy.


View many dimensions through a lens to the outside world.

Experience the power of a single eyeball. Don't blink. Tell me what you see. Is the world real, or something else?


Instantly access current silver spot prices.

Open a portal into the metaphysical. View a show that concludes by revealing the Live Spot Price of Silver and it's last 30 days of price action.

Included with every coin

Our Unique Coins

Each silver coin in the series was minted with the finest quality 999 silver by the oldest private mint in America. All imagination series coins are brilliant uncirculated with a rich colored finish on both the obverse and reverse of the coin.

Each coin measures 39mm in diameter and 2.9mmin thickness containing approximately 1 troy ounce of 999 fine silver. Coins are packaged inside an airtight capsule housed in a special box with a unique digital certificate of authenticity code inside the box cover along with a physical certificate of authenticity.

The physical certificate of authenticity displays the coins specifications, composition, total mintage, and a unique QR code that directs to the drop the coin app.

Our Incredible Box

Imagination series coins are delivered in a modern telescope box that houses each coincentered inside a special high-quality foam insert. Boxes are multifunctional to serve asprotection, display, and security for your asset.

Each box includes a thick premium black corephysical certificate of authenticity inlayed between the outer box and inner box. Physicalcertificates of authenticity outline each coin’s specifications, composition, limited mintage, aunique QR code, and obverse and reverse images of the coin.

A unique six-digit code is hiddeninside the outer box of each asset. Text on each box and COA are stamped with elegant silverand colored foil.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Augmented Reality Numismatic Bullion Coins?
The Imagination Series Coins are the world’s first Augmented Reality Numismatic Bullion Coins. These coins are rare and Numismatic since each series coin has a limited mintage of 999 coins.

All coins are comprised of bullion grade 99.9% fine silver. Finally, unlike any other numismatic bullion coin on the market, Imagination Series Coins offer two unique augmented reality experiences per design.
What is a Digital Certificate Of Authenticity?
A digital certificate of authenticity (DCOA) is a digital certification that authenticates your asset and establishes an investor’s proof of ownership.

Digital COAs are stored within the “my assets” section of an account holders’ profile on the drop the coins app. DCOAs are established when asset holders enter the unique six-digit code located on the inside of each coin’s outer box.
How Do I Register My Digital Certificate Of Authenticity?
Digital certificate of authorities are registered when asset holders establish an account inside the drop the coins app.

There are two ways to register your DCOA. First simply scan the front or back of you coin box and enter the unique six-digit code located on the inside of the coin’s outer box.

The second way to register your DCOA is through your profile inside the DROP THE COINS app. Click the profile icon on the top right of the app and select the “my assets” button. To register your DCOA select (+) in the center bottom of the “my assets” portion of the app and put in the six-digit code found on the inside of your coin’s outer box.
How Do I Transfer My Digital Certificate Of Authenticity?
Transferring digital certificate of authenticities are necessary when you sell or transfer your asset to a new owner.

If you fail to transfer your DCOA to the new owner, he or she will not be able to register their coin in their account or unlock any of the augmented reality experiences.

To transfer your DCOA login into your account on the app, click the top right profile icon, and select “my assets.” To remover your assets select the (-) next to the asset, enter your password, and confirm the release.
Can I Share My Coin Experience With A Friend?
There are two ways to share your coin experience with a friend.

First, you can share any media recoding directly through the app. By selecting the photo, video recording, or gif creation button located on the bottom center screen of the app, asset holders are able to record parts of their coin experience when scanning the front or back of your asset inside the box.

You can allow a friend to enjoy the Augmented Reality Experience through their own smart device by giving them the code found inside of your box, sign in as guest, once this is done you will have to provide your friend with the email that is registered to your account.

After this, they can scan the asset and enjoy the Augmented Reality Experiences for 10 minutes until their access expires. After their access expires, your guest will need to re-enter the code and your email.
How Do I Scan My Coin?
It is very easy to scan your coin.

First download the free drop the coins app with any modern smart phone or by scanning the special QR code located on your asset’s physical certificate of authenticity. Once inside the app, create an account with your email address.

When your account has been established the app will open to the home screen. On the home screen simply align the frosted square with your coin inside the box.

The first time you scan your coin inside the box you will be prompted to enter the unique six-digit code located on the inside of your box. This activates your digital certificate of authenticity and will unlock each asset’s augmented reality experiences.

You will only need to enter the unique code the first time you scan your asset. As long as you are logged into your account your DCOA allows unlimited access to each asset’s augmented reality experience. This means that scanning your asset only requires opening the app and aligning frosted square with the asset.
How Do I Download The Drop The Coins App?
Our free drop the coins app can be downloaded with any smart device through your device’s app store. Users can access the app directly by scanning the special QR code located on your asset’s physical certificate of authenticity.
How Do I Unlock The Augmented Reality Experience Of My Asset?
To unlock each augmented reality experience of your asset you must first create an account through the free drop the coins app.

Once you have created your account simply scan the asset by aligning the frosty square on the home page of the app with your coin inside the box. After the asset is recognized simply enter the unique six-digit code located on the inside of the outer box of your asset.

This will unlock the augmented reality experiences of your asset.
What Happens If I Lose My Coin Box?
Maintaining the integrity of your coin box is extremely important.

The box itself is an essential part of the experience of your coin. Each box is custom made for your individual asset. We understand that sometimes things are lost or misplaced.

In the event that you need are placement box please contact us through our website and we order a replacement box. You will be responsible for the cost of the replacement box.
How Do I Purchase Augmented Reality Numismatic Bullion Coins?
Currently our assts are not available for retail purchase directly from us. To purchase one of our Augmented Reality Numismatic Bullion Coins please contact one of our distributers listed below.
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